Square Edge Solid Wood Flooring

Achieve pristine visual results and unfaltering practicality with square edge solid wood flooring. Each board has been crafted with painstaking accuracy to create a perfectly seamless perpendicular edge. With exacting precision, every plank works in harmony to deliver a flawlessly smooth surface, promising an immaculate aesthetic that’s fit for the most affluent of abodes. But no matter what type of home, lifestyle, and design you love, solid wood flooring will prove an incredible match. Providing an ideal balance of durability, style, and 100% natural materials, hardwood flooring will improve the dynamic of many interior spaces, and become the envy of your friends and neighbours.

The Benefits

Alongside an elegant appearance, square edge boards exhibit an array of functional advantages. As there are no visible joins between each plank, the surface is sleek, streamlined, and easy to clean. Dirt and debris will rest on top of the board, remaining untrapped by grooves. As a result, this flooring requires minimal sweeping in order to retain its exquisite look and feel. Low maintenance is enhanced even further by the intrinsic qualities of 100% real wood. Not only are solid wood boards easy to clean, they also don’t harbour excessive dust and other allergens, and won’t absorb unpleasant odours .

The Choice

Our expertly selected square edge solid wood flooring is available in a choice of two bespoke hardwood species. Whether you adore the intricate details of classic oak, or the sophisticated definition of exotic merbau, our stock will satisfy your every need.

In addition, our extensive collection offers a variety of styles, finishes, and plank dimensions, leaving you truly spoilt for choice. Don’t forget, all purchases come with exceptional express delivery options. Order yours today!

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