Dark Solid Wood Flooring

Dark wood flooring has made a big comeback in recent years. Dark wood is often associated with a traditional styled interior, however its come back means it can actually present a sophisticated modern look. Choosing a darker wood does not mean that you're limiting yourself, as it comes in a range of shades and species. A darker colour is also beneficial from a practical point of view, as it is better at hiding stains and dirt.

While past decades have often favoured light solid wood flooring as a more modern look, more and more property owners are opting for the more traditional model of dark solid wood flooring. A great choice for rustic cottages and other properties that call for a more traditional aesthetic, this is by far the lowest maintenance shade of flooring because the dirt, dust and grime that will build up on any floor is a whole lot less visible against darker shades.

This does not mean you don’t need to clean with a dark solid wood floor! Dirt and dust can damage any wood floor when tracked around the room, so it is still a good idea to clean regularly. But with a dark solid wood floor, this cleaning will not be the daily burden that it can become with lighter shades.

Selecting the exact species and shade that is right for you is an art in itself that will require some degree of discernment. The most important thing to keep in mind is contrast. Dark solid wood floors look great with lighter shades of home décor and furnishing, so this is a particularly nice option if your home is already filled with lighter hues when it comes to sofas, rugs, wall hangings, etc.

If you are not sure exactly what shade of dark wood will go best with your furniture, order a sample. Any wood flooring company worth its salt is happy to provide customers (whether returning or new) with free samples to take home. This way you can select a range of darker shades to test against your existing home décor before putting in your wood floor.

Another way to get a feel for what colour fits before investing in a whole new floor is to purchase unfinished flooring. Unfinished flooring is exactly what you think it is: raw rather than finished wood. This allows you to try out different stains before you paint the wood and apply a lacquer or oil finish. It also gives you some more flexibility when it comes to stain and finish combinations.

Say you want a dark oak wood with a brushed and lacquered finish, but your supplier only carries dark oaks with oil finishes. Purchasing unfinished rather than pre-finished wood avoids the whole problem, because it allows you to choose the exact finish and stain combo that works for you.

Whatever you opt for, we know you will be completely satisfied with your new dark solid wood floor. It’s one wood flooring option that has stood the test of time when it comes to taste in a major way.

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  1. Brimham Aged Sunshine Oak 203 x 18mm
    Brimham Aged Sunshine Oak 203 x 18mm
  2. Brimham Tropical Acacia 120 x 18mm
    Brimham Tropical Acacia 120 x 18mm
  3. Brimham Antique Chocolate Oak 125 x 18mm
    Brimham Antique Chocolate Oak 125 x 18mm
  4. Brimham Aged Whisky Oak 203 x 18mm
    Brimham Aged Whisky Oak 203 x 18mm
  5. Brimham Walnut Acacia 122 x 18mm
    Brimham Walnut Acacia 122 x 18mm
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5 Items