Light Solid Wood Flooring

Light solid wood flooring is a great way brightening up a room, and it also has a number of other advantages. Lighter shades of wood flooring are known to make a room appear extra spacious, perfect for those smaller rooms. Furthermore, light coloured wood has a great clean and modern effect. It's a good look for office spaces or other rooms where you want your wood floor to have a sleek contemporary appeal.

Lighter wood is one of the most popular wood flooring options in terms of shade. Lauded by the industry’s aesthetic experts, including interior designers and decorators, solid wood floorboards that have been treated with a light-coloured stain are an excellent solution for modernising and opening up a space.

This type of wood flooring is said to be able to transform and revitalise even those rooms with the most limited natural light. If you have a room that seems to be just a bit too dreary, putting in a light solid wood floor is more than likely to turn it into a lively, attention-grabbing space.

To get the most out of light coloured flooring, interior decorators recommend that it be set in contrast to the furniture and other decorations in the room. You want to make sure that the home furnishings you buy are on the darker end of the spectrum, and that each piece’s shade complements the specific shade of your light-coloured floorboards. In addition, don’t forget to have each piece of furniture complement the rest. Try to coordinate things so that the room is all tied in to the same aesthetic palette.

If you already have a room full of furniture and need to find the floor that matches, no problem. Ask for samples from your flooring supplier. High quality flooring companies like Luxury Flooring & Furnishings are always happy to provide free samples of products to prospective customers. That way you can match various shades of light solid wood flooring against the furniture in the room you are making over, before you invest in enough material to put in the new floor.

Another option if you are not sure exactly which shade will work with your furniture is to purchase unfinished solid wood flooring. That way you can experiment with different shades of stain, as well as oil or lacquer finishes before deciding which one will definitely work in your room.

Additionally, certain light coloured hardwoods, like white oak and even yellow birch, hold up really well in high traffic areas. These can do well in corporate office spaces and home kitchens.

Wherever you put in your light solid wood floor, however, you need to take extra care to keep it clean. Dirt shows up more easily on light-coloured flooring (which is perhaps its only drawback!) But as long as you sweep and mop regularly, light solid wood flooring is sure to be a choice you can be proud of for many years to come.

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