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Solid Bamboo Wood Flooring

Solid bamboo flooring is a cool, funky alternative to more traditional wood flooring options. While technically a breed of grass, bamboo is a natural material that shares many characteristics with the solid woods and hardwoods more commonly used in flooring, like oak and cherry.

Bamboo is said to be a bit better in terms of water resistance than its hardwood cousins. In other words, it holds up better against liquid stains and warping. That said, however, you still need to be careful not to let spills linger too long. Any wood material can get damaged if a liquid sits on it long enough.

Additionally, as with any wood floor, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out in high-humidity areas. Too much water in the air can bloat your bamboo planks and cause problems. The opposite goes in an overly dry environment where your bamboo can shrink, causing cracks in the floor. With this in mind, be ready to use humidifiers and de-humidifiers when appropriate.

As with many woods, there are a number of different species collected under the term "bamboo". Some of these are extra strong and durable, while others are not.

The best option in terms of durability is so-called strand-woven bamboo. Another good option is carbonised bamboo, which has been well taken care of during harvesting and been carbonised to create a dark, rich colour of bamboo. This material can be has hard or harder than the toughest hardwoods, like red oak.

The plant’s durability is just one element, however, of its ease of care. Bamboo is especially easy when it comes to maintenance. As long as you sweep and vacuum often, you’ll be fine. Leaving dirt and grime on the bamboo surface can lead to scratches eventually when the tiny particles get tracked over your floor. But as long as you take care to keep the floor reasonably clean, your solid bamboo flooring will hold up for a long time.

Also, take care not to let your floors get damaged by high heels or pets with long claws; bamboo does tend to acquire scratches and some discolouration, but sanding and refinishing is especially easy with this material.

In addition to integrity as a quality flooring material, ecological friendliness is one of bamboo’s chief advantages. It’s a natural and renewable resource that does not take long to grow to maturity (just a couple of years), so it can be more quickly and efficiently harvested than many hardwoods, which can take decades to get big enough to be useful.

Bamboo’s reputation as an eco-friendly option has made it an increasingly popular choice in an industry, and a world, where ecological values are more and more important.

Another attraction is the personality and character bamboo will add to any home or office. It’s not a typical wood as it is actually categorised as a grass, and in addition it’s immediately recognisable as a symbol of a kind of laid-back classiness.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, all the advantages of putting in solid bamboo flooring come at roughly the same price as that of a typical hardwood floor.

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