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Solid Ash Flooring

Solid ash flooring is strong and versatile. It is harder than oak, making it highly durable and resistant to denting, hence why baseball bats are made of the stuff! It's versatility comes from the fact it stains easily enough to allow the application of any finish you desire - making it perfect for any home or taste. The grain of ash is distinctive and instantly recognisable, although it is not overly prominent. For this reason, it is the perfect choice for those who like natural flooring but don't want to stray too far from modern looks either. In fact, even rustic ash flooring may have greater colour variation and some darkened grain in places, but will not appear distressed, full of knots, cracked or worn as rustic oak would.

Despite it's hardness, ash does resist moisture less than oak for example. That being said, no solid wood flooring should be used in moist areas or those that are at risk of spillages, as this can damage any wood. Our ash floors contain lacquers to ensure if you do decide to use one in a bathroom for example, no moisture will be allowed to sink in regardless.

The natural shade of ash flooring depends on the type of tree it came from. There are natural shades of ash: sapwood, a more beige but almost white shade; and heartwood, which ranges from warm beige to dark brown. The latter will cause your home to appear much more welcoming and homely, whereas the former opens up a room greatly to expand size and create an elegant and modern effect. As you can see, the versatility makes this flooring highly flexible, and as all ash's shades are neutral, any colour decor can fit in, even if when changed over the years.

Colour variation is a main characteristic of ash wood, making it stand out from other flooring and instantly recognisable. This allows you more freedom is creating ther personalised look you want when laying the ash. For example you may want all the lighter planks in one row and darker planks in another to create a striped, narrowing effect, or instead create a random look that expands the room to create a relaxing atmosphere, and hides dirt well. Whichever you choose, your floor will truly be unique. Although the grain is also recognisable and unique, it is not as prominent as the grain in other woods such as oak. This allows you to still use wood and have a natural look, but without the surprise of unpredictable and strong grain that other solid wood floors may offer.

Since ash is very hard and therefore durable, it can cost more than other solid wood floors. However, at Luxury Flooring, our price match promise ensures you will be getting the highest quality ash at the lowest price, so if you do have your heart set on ash, there is no better place to get it!

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