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Solid Walnut Wood Flooring

Solid walnut flooring is one of the most popular choices when it comes to installing new wood floors in contemporary UK homes. With over 20 different species that grow on at least three different continents (North America, Europe and Asia) all going by the same name, walnut flooring can mean a number of different things in terms of properties and colours.

Classic walnut floors, however, are a rich dark brown hue, famous for helping to hide dirt and leaving every room you put it in looking stately and luxurious

There are, however, other lighter varieties of walnut available. English Walnut, for example, is a few tones lighter than the more traditional dark walnuts, and White Walnut, as the name indicates, is among the lightest varieties.

One of the highest quality dark walnut varieties is known as Brazilian Walnut. This one is harder and more durable than other species of walnut and has a classic deep, dark hue. For these reasons, however, it also comes at a premium, and is a bit more expensive than some of the other varieties by the same name.

A word to the wise; be careful when a flooring company tells you they have Brazilian Walnut in stock, because some have been known to pass off cheaper Caribbean varieties as this top-of-the-line species. Try to get a sample verified by an independent expert before you invest in putting in the entire floor.

Some of walnut’s variations in colour and properties depend not on the specific species but on the part of the tree used. For instance, a chocolate brown walnut is more likely to come from the centre of the tree, while lighter yellower wood probably came from the outer rings.

Solid walnut is hard and durable, but it certainly is not the hardest and most durable of the woods used in flooring. It is more often used for ornate furniture, like dining room tables, mantels and headboards. However, as long as it is taken good care of, it makes for a long-lasting flooring option as well.

Solid walnut flooring's colours and straight grain patterns can’t be beaten. Often a walnut board will contain two or three starkly different shades of brown in the grain, which makes for wood flooring with an extra dose of character. The range of colours and styles that walnut can offer make it one of the most versatile wood flooring options on the market.

It’s also particularly easy to maintain. Solid walnut flooring tends to fend off wear and tear and keep its finish, so refinishing won’t have to be on your agenda for a long while.

Solid walnut flooring is an excellent choice, no matter where you live or work. While it can sometimes be a bit more expensive than other flooring woods, it makes up for every penny in terms of versatility, durability, ease of care and (far and away most importantly) character.

You’ll be proud to show off your solid walnut floor, and it may even add to your home’s total value.

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