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Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! SPRING SALE - Offers end Friday 30th April

10mm Solid Wood Flooring

10mm flooring on our site is only in parquet style due to its thinness, which in larger styles would cause weakness. Parquet can make a home look elegant and vintage, creating patterns that have been used for generations and are practically convenient too.

It is easy to replace parquet blocks upon damage if needed, due to their individual and small nature. For this reason, the 10mm thickness shouldn't be problematic. Parquet blocks shouldn't become damaged however, as they are better able to distribute weight due to their size.

We use oak for these flooring options as it is highly durable and therefore the most suitable species for thinner floors. This is evident in its use in building, flooring and furniture across generations. It is also said to get better in appearance with age, hence why reclaimed oak is highly popular too. As oak comes in many different variations and stains and finishes easily, you will have a wide range of 10mm floors to choose from at Luxury Flooring.

If you plan on sanding parquet floors, please get a professional to do this as the grain may differ in direction between blocks.

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