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14mm & 15mm Solid Wood Flooring

14mm and 15mm solid wood flooring is going to mean your boards are a bit thinner than the standard. For that reason, this type of wood is typically only available for the most durable and stable of the species used in wood flooring.

Bamboo, for example, can be used in 14mm solid wood flooring. Since certain species can be among the toughest woods on the market, and since it has natural properties that prevent it from expanding, contracting or warping due to contact with water, bamboo is the best option if you are looking for ultra-thin floorboards.

And, as long as you choose the right type of wood, 14mm solid wood flooring can last as long as any other flooring wood out there. It can be sanded and refinished as many as four times, a task that is only necessary every 15 years or so. That means a 14mm solid wood floor made of good, sturdy bamboo can hold up for an entire adult lifetime.

For 15mm floors, the lifespan of the wood is, as you'd expect, even better. Tigerwood and carbonised strand-woven bamboos are probably some of the longest lasting varieties, and so are the best for thinner flooring materials.

Generally, the only other wood that is appropriate in this range of thicknesses is oak. This is among the most durable and highly versatile woods that are available. It comes in all kinds of colours, and with a wide-range of grain patterns and other properties.

Oak is so durable, in fact, that some say it gets better with age, acquiring additional character and class like a fine red wine. Some contractors even use "reclaimed" oak from houses built hundreds of years ago for flooring and furniture building. That’s a testament to its durability, and proof that it is a good candidate for putting in floors on the thinner end of the spectrum.

With that said, whether you invest in oak or bamboo for your 14 or 15mm solid wood floor, you should take the necessary precautions to protect it. As with any wood flooring, you should make sure it is protected with a high-quality oil or lacquer finish, so that you fend off scratches and stains as long as possible.

One of the best things about 14mm and 15mm solid wood flooring is that you don’t sacrifice anything in terms of quality. Not only are oak and bamboo some supremely hardy materials, but they are also really good looking.

Bamboo, among all the wood flooring options around, is the one that’s going to lend the most character to whatever room you put it in. It’s got a distinctive, alternative quality that’s a great option if you are looking for something non-traditional. Oak, on the other hand, has got that classic look. It’s a great option if you want to put in a really elegant and timeless wood floor.

No matter which way you go, 14mm and 15mm solid wood flooring is always a good decision.

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