16mm Solid Wood Flooring

16mm solid wood Flooring is an ideal versatile choice for your flooring needs. Combining the incredible durability and stunning aesthetics of 100% solid wood floor with the adaptability of a slighter thinner board, this is a practical flooring option you’ll fall in love with. Many people choose solid wood for the traditional effect in their homes, either to replace older hardwood floors, or to introduce a touch of class into their dream home.

Solid wood flooring is a great choice for any home, being perfectly adaptable for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, stairs, hallways, and offices. Being 16mm thick as opposed to 22mm options, this extra space means saving a few inches in height, allowing these floors to be it in areas with limited size.

The construction of the planks, made from pure solid wood, means you’ll be able to sand and refinish your floor. The 16mm thickness lends itself well to this property, as you’ll be able to refinish your floor up to six times, although this won’t need to be done for the first 10-15 years so your solid wood floors should last an entire lifetime! This refinishing means you’ll be able to choose an oil or lacquered finish - getting the look you want, even down the line.

Our 16mm solid wood floors are available in different options, including the grading. The grading of wood affects the character and therefore the overall look the floors add to a décor. Prime Oak is a great choice for more modern offices and minimalist interiors, whereas more rustic wood with natural colour variation suggests a more cottage feel. The finish on your flooring is important to consider to as solid wood can be finished with either an oil or a lacquer which will not only change the appearance but the durability.

Order a sample today to see why this is such a great choice.

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  1. Thorpe Oak Herringbone 70 x 300 x 16mm Thorpe Oak Herringbone 70 x 300 x 16mm
    Width: 70mm
    Thickness: 16mm
    Length: 300mm
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    Thorpe Oak Herringbone 70 x 300 x 16mm
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