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BerryAlloc Dream Click Pro Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Achieve authentic natural sophistication with BerryAlloc’s Dream Click Pro luxury vinyl tiles. Taking inspiration from the latest trends and technological improvements, this collection brings comfort to the heart of your home, without compromising on practicality. Manufactured with a specially designed locking system, installation is as effortless as your flooring is stylish. Each tile boasts a polyurethane coating for protection, and an acoustic backing to reduce noise. As BerryAlloc flooring is up to 50% quieter than its competitors, you won’t have to deal with those pesky day to day disturbances.

The Benefits

As part of the Beaulieu International Group, BerryAlloc have gained years of industry expertise, developing their tiles to the highest standards possible. As a result, the Pure collection offers a myriad of benefits, ranging from low maintenance to high durability. The polyurethane lacquer creates a 100% waterproof barrier on the surface, and prevents scratches and scuffs from appearing on your tiles. It also makes for easy cleaning, as splashes and spills can be pacified with a quick sweep or mop. The materials used to build the tiles are 100% recyclable, leading the way for more eco-friendly products. Because of this, you’ll be able to receive all the benefits of a bespoke flooring solution without any ecological drawbacks.

The Choice

We pride ourselves on providing the best choice of flooring on the market, making stunning visual characteristics and structural integrity a priority. As a result, we are happy to stock an extensive range of Dream Click Pro luxury vinyl tiles. Whether you want warm and welcoming wood or smooth and subtle stone, your BerryAlloc flooring will replicate natural patterns in high definition.

No matter what style your interior, we’re here to help you find a perfect match. With a selection of styles, colours, and shades, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Remember, even our most expensive flooring is cheaper than our competitors’!

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