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Cavalio Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Cavalio are known for their ability to add style to a home, regardless of location, whilst still being practically beneficial in domestic and commercial arenas. There are two ranges: Conceptline and Projectline, of which have a 0.3mm and 0.55mm wear layer, respectively. Conceptline is therefore designed for domestic areas such as the home, whereas Projectline is suited to commercial spaces due to its higher durability under large footfall. Conceptline may be used if the footfall in a commercial space is very light.

Both ranges contain wood and stone varieties of vinyl flooring, which look authentic. However, instead they are more durable under wet conditions, and can withstand underfloor heating unlike solid wood. They also help eradicate the cold and hard feeling of stone or tiles underfoot. Some floors in these ranges are textured more than others to feel authentic, and there are both natural and coloured tones available, meaning the design possibilities are endless.

Cavalio Floors are made with more layers of vinyl than other manufacturers to ensure stability and strength. They then use photographic reproduction of wood or stone, and a polyurethane wear layer. This ensures they are high quality and durable. There is an element of slip resistance to these floors due to the way they have been treated, but spillages should still be cleaned as soon as possible to ensure maximum safety. It should also be noted that these floors should not be used where temperatures will exceed 27 degrees celsius, as this will damage the floor.

These products all have a 10 year guarantee, so will be worth the money without limiting you to a lifelong investment if you would like to redecorate in the future.

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