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Nest Vinyl Flooring

Nest have a beautiful collection of vinyl flooring in many different shades. This is the best value of vinyl flooring we offer, and there is something to suit everybody’s taste and practical needs, and best of all – its our own vinyl flooring option!

We created Nest flooring for the adventurers, travellers and dreamers. We’ve examined everything currently on the market to come up with a range of flooring options that are durable, beautiful, and very high quality.

Nest tiles are available in wood effect and tile effect, meaning you can create classic, modern, rustic, or sophisticated looks. Some of our more popular options are oak, grey and stone, but in total there are 15 varieties of shade to choose from, from the classic to contemporary.

Don’t be fooled by the low price – Nest vinyl is also extremely high quality. This is because we operate online only to reduce costs in production and for our customers too. Check out our 1.5m range at just £9.24 per square metre! Even our thickest and more durable options for higher traffic areas are less than £22 per square metre; you will struggle to find anywhere better value on the market. Why not try one of our free samples and test the quality for yourself?

There are click or glue down installation options available, so make sure you check which best suits you before browsing. Both are possible to install yourself in case you enjoy a bit of DIY, but if you need any help you can call our friendly team for advice. There are also beveled and squared edge options, meaning you have more opportunity to design your home in a way that best suits you.

Find all the Nest LVT ranges below:

- Nest Click - Nest GS Line - Nest Parquet - Nest Rigid Core -
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  1. Nest Weathered Natural Stone SPC Vinyl Sale Badge
    Nest Weathered Natural Stone SPC Vinyl
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  2. Nest Grey Slate SPC Vinyl Sale Badge
    Nest Grey Slate SPC Vinyl
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2 Items