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Polyflor Vinyl Flooring

Polyflor vinyl flooring is a range of affordable tiling solutions that features natural-looking designs and realistic surface textures. Polyflor has six different themed product lines, allowing you to bring character to your floors with the style and natural finish of wood, slate and stone. Polyflor have earned a reputation as a leading luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer, whose products offer the ultimate in protection and durability. All Polyflor products are also fully washable and waterproof.

Colours in wood themes range from pale beiges, whites and greys to the rich dark tones of seasoned timber, all with their own grain, while stone finishes include many interesting shades and textures of stone, slate, concrete and marble.

At 2mm thickness, with a 0.3mm wear layer, the Polyflor Camaro range is one of the most popular flooring solutions for a hard-wearing yet affordable tile. The Camaro is a square-edged tile which comes in a 914mm x 101mm wood planking style, or a 304mm square for some very elegant slate and stone finishes.

The Polyflor Colonia range is also a very affordable but stylish flooring solution, with an overall thickness of 2mm, and a wear layer of 0.3mm, in a wide variety of size options. Starting with a larger than usual planking size for wood finishes, at 1219.2mm x 184.2mm,the Colonia stone range includes a rectangular 609.6mm x 304.8mm plank option, a square option at 304.8mm and a larger square at 457.2mm.

The Expona Commercial is a medium range tile, at 2.5mm thickness with a 0.5mm wear layer, and comes in the larger 1219mm x 152mm wood planking size, plus a 610mm x 304mm plank in stone effects. This range is very popular for its affordable yet durable quality, and comes in a variety of unusual colours and surfaces.

The Expona Control range is a square-edged tile of 2.5mm thickness, but with a 0.7mm wear layer for maximum durability. It comes in two sizes, 914mm x 152mm wood planking and a smaller 610mm x 305mm unit in stone effects.

The Polyflor Expona Design range offers an extra thick 3mm square-edged tile with a 0.7mm wear layer, affording the maximum in warmth and softness underfoot, and comes in a variety of interesting wood grains and stone finishes. These include 914mm x 152mm planking for wood-effect themes, and an extra large 610mm square in stone finishes. Designed primarily for a hard-wearing, large expanse like an office suite, shop or gallery, the Expona Design tile offers some unusual and eye-catching colours and surface designs.

We offer free samples on all Polyflor vinyl tile flooring, so you can have every opportunity to assess the products personally and to judge their quality before you place your order.

Find each range using the links below:

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