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Karndean Knight Tile Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Karndean Knight Tile Vinyl Flooring is an impressive and diverse range of vinyl flooring options that includes some of the classiest and most affordable flooring material in the Karndean line. The Knight tile range consists of elegantly textured material with a wide variety of design options. The tiles are 2mm thick with a 0.30 mm wear layer, meaning that they are well suited for domestic use.

The options in terms of style include soapstone, oak vinyl, Orkney stone, fired clay terracotta, bath stone, native koa vinyl and more. So there is really something to suit any taste out there. With so many options though, it can sometimes be hard to choose. This is why we recommend ordering samples before investing in enough material to cover your whole floor. That way. you will not only be able to test the quality of the product, you can also experiment with different styles to see what best matches the aesthetic of your home or office.

At Luxury Flooring and Furnishings we are happy to provide new and returning customers with free samples of our high quality flooring products. All you have to do is ask! And you will be glad you did, because everything about Karndean Knight Tile Vinyl Flooring is guaranteed to please.

Firstly, there’s the price. Vinyl tiles are one of the most affordable flooring options out there, and when you invest in our Karndean Knight Tile range, you are saving money without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.

Then there is also the ease of installation and maintenance. Vinyl flooring is so easy to put in that you can do it yourself. That’s why this is an all-time favourite with the DIYers of the UK.

If you are new to the Do-It-Yourself world, however, you may want to enlist some expert help when it comes to preparing the subfloor for your new vinyl tile floor. This step can be hard to pull off, as the subfloor needs to be perfectly even and dry. But once your floor is down, it is especially easy to take care of. Vinyl flooring is some of the easiest to maintain of any of the flooring options on the market.

One reason for this is that vinyl tiles are water resistant, meaning that spills are especially easy to clean up and are not likely to damage the floor at all. They can be simply wiped away without any trouble at all.

Vinyl tile is also particularly scratch and damage resistant, which means it holds up a lot better than some other types of flooring. If properly installed, vinyl tile flooring can last for 15 to 20 years without needing to be replaced. That’s as long as, or even longer than many wood floors last before needing their first sanding and refinishing.

And once it’s time to replace your vinyl floor, doing so is just as easy as the installation was in the first place. Pick Karndean Knight Tiles, and you’ll be happy you invested in vinyl flooring from day one.

To get Karndean Flooring design strips to match, see our accessories section: Vinyl Design and Feature Strips.

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