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Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! SPRING SALE - Offers end Friday 30th April

Karndean Opus Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Karndean Opus vinyl flooring is a new and very popular range of vinyl tile flooring, consisting of wood-effect planking as well as a variety of traditional stone tile finishes. Opus products come in a range of different sizes (both in the length and the width of the plank), with an overall thickness of 2.5mm, which incorporates a 0.55mm wear layer.

Each Opus style is differently textured to add warmth and character to the total surface effect. Since they are also all fully waterproof and washable, vinyl flooring solutions are ideal for any environment.

Karndean Opus vinyl plank flooring is available in a wide range of woods, from the traditional Weathered Elm to the more exotic Atra Wood, with many types of grain and shades from light brown to dark grey-green, so you can choose a style and colour to complement each individual room in your home. These surfaces look really good in a bedroom or living room, and fit in comfortably with all kinds of décor.

Offices and studies look organised and business-like with a traditional wood plank floor, which you can achieve quickly and economically with such selections as the Opus Niveus or Carbo tiles. These plank-effect vinyl floor tiles lay down easily to give a beautiful wooden style floor at a fraction of the price, complete with attractive knots and grain markings.

The Karndean Opus range also offers a variety of stone-effect traditional tiling, with or without grout edging, and since they are all fully waterproof and washable, these vinyl floor solutions are ideal for the kitchen and bathroom.

In the kitchen, for example, you might want to choose a hard-wearing Atlantic Slate, which would highlight cabinets in darker finishes or contrast with white or stainless steel design features. For wooden cabinets and kitchen furniture, you might prefer the Opus Sandstone, which is a narrower, trimmed rectangular tile in a light beige colour and is ideal for a down-home country kitchen look.

In the bathroom you might prefer a larger, square tile like the Opus Nero, for a durable, waterproof and easy-clean surface in a dark shade, or the Opus Solis in cream for a lighter feel. Larger tiles also convey a sense of greater space, even in a small room like a bathroom.

Smaller tiles with correspondingly more grout lines contribute to the impression that a room is too fussy or busy, so larger tiles with fewer join lines can help to increase the floor's feeling of space. For a more solid block of colour, with very subtle grout lines and a mottled, cloud-effect beige finish, an Opus Nimbus tile would help to maximise limited space in a bathroom or closet.

To get Karndean Flooring design strips to match, see our accessories section: Vinyl Design and Feature Strips.

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