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Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl with a wood effect is much better than authentic solid wood in many ways. However, as you can see from our products below, it can look just as authentic as the real thing.

Firstly, vinyl is cheaper than real wood as an upfront cost, as well as for maintenance. Also, it can be cleaned much easier, and unlike some woods, does not warp, shrink or otherwise become damaged under changes to humidity or with condensation. This makes its beauty adaptable to wet or messy rooms.

Some woods can change colour over time and lose their original appeal. This takes money and effort to restore, and is never the same as when it was originally purchased. Vinyl however, does not do this.

Some people do not particularly like certain woods such as hickory. This makes it difficult to please future buyers of your home and potentially reduces its value. Vinyl flooring can be removed much easier and replaced with something less controversial if needed, showing how vinyl is in fact often a much better alternative.

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