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Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring

Looking for an affordable floor that looks just like real wood? You’re in luck! Wood effect floor tiles means you get the beauty of wood without having to fork out the extra money. Plus vinyl tiles have tonnes of other practical benefits. They’re waterproof, scratch-resistant and compatible with underfloor heating. Browse our beautiful wood effect tiles for floors that look just like the real thing. Giving you that natural wood look for less.


Wood effect vinyl tiles are durable, affordable and imitate the beauty of natural wood. The designs give you the ultimate experience of real wood with realistic knots, grains and embossed textures that look so convincing, your guests will hardly be able to tell the difference. Did we mention that our LVTs are also compatible with underfloor heating? Perfect for those who love getting their feet warmed up on a cold winter’s morning. The practical benefits is where wood effect flooring really comes into its own as vinyl tiles can handle changes in temperature as well as some water and humidity. Whilst wood and water don’t mix very well, if you choose vinyl tiles instead then you won’t need to worry about any water spills or accidents, and can even have the look of wood in your bathroom! 

We have a wood effect floor for everyone with different tastes and styles. Whether you prefer a darker wood effect, parquet, or light oak, our vinyl tiles come in a wide range of different colours and sizes. Because wood effect vinyl tiles are manmade, they can be designed in any colour or pattern. Perfect for shoppers looking for white or grey wooden-look floors.

Each plank comes with a click-fit installation method making it easier to DIY.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Vinyl flooring is one of the best floors to maintain. We recommend using a damp mop to clean any spills or a vacuum cleaner for general housework. Our vinyl tiles are scratch-resistant, so no need to worry about damaging it.

Is there more than one you have your eye on? Order as many free samples as you like. Your dream floor is just around the corner!

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