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Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! SPRING SALE - Offers end Friday 30th April

Polyflor Colonia Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Polyflor Colonia Vinyl Flooring is a high-quality, long-lasting and affordable option when it comes to doing over your home or office’s floors. DIY fans tend to love vinyl flooring because it is far and away one of the easiest options when it comes to installation. You can slap down a new floor in just hours and have a whole new luxury look.

That said, if you have no experience at all with flooring, you may want to hire a professional, at least for a consultation. Preparing the subfloor for long-lasting vinyl flooring can be tricky and may need the help of an expert eye.

Ease of installation also means ease of replacement and repair. Polyflor Vinyl Flooring can be replaced in pieces if just part of the floor becomes damaged. If the whole floor needs to be replaced, it's a whole lot easier to do so with vinyl than it is to pull up a wood floor and put down a new one. But damage to high-quality vinyl flooring is not an everyday event. That's down to that fact that vinyl flooring is highly durable.

Vinyl can last 15 years and more, even in heavy traffic areas, sometimes more than 20 years if the installation was performed by an experienced professional. The flooring is resistant to scratches and stains in a way that wood flooring is not.

The material is strong and water resistant, so spills will sit on top of the floor and wait to be wiped up, rather than seeping into the structure. This makes vinyl a particularly good option if the room you are looking to redo is a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, all of which experience higher humidity levels and spill frequencies than other rooms in the house.

Aesthetics are another major reason many people choose vinyl flooring. When you go with vinyl, you have your pick of a wide selection of colours, styles and textures. In fact, the Colonia range by Polyflor is as good as it gets in terms of variety. You can choose between the stately elegance of Nordic White Oak, the gravity of Imperial Black Marble, the clean and modern freshness of Welsh Raven Slate, or pretty much anything from a long list of other gorgeous options.

Each of these will have the natural beauty of the material they are designed to emulate, but with a feel that is much more comfortable underfoot. That's because another benefit of vinyl flooring is that it feels softer than more traditional tiles and hardwood floors. It typically has a backing of either foam or felt, which provides a nice cushion under the stable and durable wear layer.

But the best part about vinyl tiles is without a doubt the price. The cost of purchasing and installing them is far lower with a vinyl floor than it is with wood or tile.

All these benefits mean that putting in Polyflor Colonia Vinyl Flooring will leave you completely satisfied, no matter what specifications you choose.

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