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Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Flooring

Quick-Step Livyn vinyl flooring is a luxurious range of vinyl tile designs, which combine the natural appearance and surface textures of stone or wood with all the practical efficiency of easy-to-care-for vinyl tiles. This range offers a selection of attractive and durable vinyl tiles, with bevelled edges and a V-grooved surface which helps to create an authentically textured finish, and colour variations which reflect the natural cut and grain of wood and stone.

With a built-in Scratch and Stain guard in the top layer of the tile, Livyn vinyl floors are resistant to wear and tear and fully washable. The extra thickness of the tile helps to absorb sound, is fully waterproof, and will conserve and conduct heat to provide extra comfort throughout the home.

Quick-Step Livyn flooring has several layers combining impact resistance and stability, and is therefore a good thermal conductor, making it a great choice for homes with underfloor heating. Despite its opulent 4.5mm thickness, Livyn flooring is also flexible and can be laid over existing flat surfaces, making it ideal for renovation schemes.

The Quick-Step Livyn range comes in a wide variety of shades, sizes and designs, and offers two choices of thickness in the wear layer. Livyn Ambient and Livyn Balance both have a 0.3mm wear layer, while Livyn Ambient Plus and Livyn Balance Plus both offer an ultra-thick and hard wearing 0.55mm wear layer.

The Quick-Step Livyn Ambient and Ambient Plus ranges offer two attractive colour options in grey or black slate, and two cream or grey travertine surfaces. Both ranges are available in long 1300mm x 320mm plank tiles.

The Quick-Step Livyn Balance and Balance Plus ranges offer an extensive collection of wood-effect designs, including a variety of differently aged and tinted oak shades, in slightly smaller sized 1251mm x 187mm plank tiles. A broad selection of colours covers the spectrum from the pale Light Natural and Beige oaks, to the yellower Natural and Warm Natural tones. Mid-range oak shades go from Light Brown and Brown to Dark Brown, with some additional Grey, Brown Grey and Dark Grey options.

Surface textures and grain detailing include the soft sheen of Silk or Pearl oak, or the authentically faded Canyon or Drift oak finishes. As well as a smooth Contemporary or Select oak finish, there are also the more rustic options of Cottage oak, Classic oak or Vintage Chestnut. Many of these realistic surface choices are available with saw cuts to add another nuance of natural texture to their appearance.

Quick-Step Livyn have earned a deserved position as a leading luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer, with a tried and tested reputation for hard-wearing durability. Both the Ambient and Balance flooring ranges use the proprietary "Uniclic Multifit for Livyn" click-to-fit system, making them fast and easy to install.

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