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Dark Vinyl Floor Tiles

Dark vinyl flooring creates a sophisticated yet traditional and rustic look in a home. It is warmer than light flooring, making a room seem homely and cosy in atmosphere. This is due to the deep and rich shade that adds depth and character.

Darker vinyl shows up much less dirt, spillages and stains, making it better value for money than other material, and especially so in homes with pets or children.

In rooms with little light or existing dark furniture or decor, is recommended that dark flooring be avoided to ensure the room does not appear smaller. To avoid making a room seem darker, it is also helpful to pair it with white or other pale coloured walls - this adds a sense of dimension. In living rooms and lounges, dark flooring can emphasise a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Colours that dark floors work with to create a traditional aesthetic range from black, brown and grey, to other wooden furniture. They will look neutral and stylish with these combinations. For a more modern, bold and chic design, try red, green or another contrasting colour.

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