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Brown Vinyl Floor Tiles

Brown vinyl flooring is more likely to include wood flooring, due to its imitation of dark woods. This makes it a traditional and timeless choice for your home, and therefore a safe option if you want a risk free way to please your family, guests and future buyers of your house.

A natural and friendly colour, brown suits living rooms or other social rooms due to its welcoming nature. It goes best with other natural looking decor like wooden furniture or plants, but as it is neutral, it is also suitable for any colours scheme. An advantage of vinyl over authentic wood brown flooring is the ease of hiding scratches and dirt amongst the grain pattern - excellent news for those with pets.

Brown can look even more beautiful in rooms with natural light due to the way light hits the surface, but can work in dark rooms too. It all depends on the shade chosen. Lighter browns help lighten a room, and give a rustic, contemporary, warm feel. Darker browns however are more homely and add personality. The dramatic effect of dark wood is enhanced in small rooms by giving an illusion of less space, but a cosy effect is created in large rooms for the same reason.

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