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Light Vinyl Floor Tiles

Best for adding light to an otherwise dark room, the paler shade of a light floor can create a fresh and contemporary look in your home. Light floors also allow easier incorporation of colours and designs, and can often act as a blank canvas to build around. This makes them ideal for people who have just moved into a new home or are looking for a complete redecoration.

If you have other things in the room you would like the attention to be on instead, a light floor can draw attention away from itself and instead onto these items. The light and airy feel light shades also create ensures a more relaxing and spacious feeling, but should be paired with warmer furniture if you are worried about the psychological cooling effect.

Light vinyl is often used in minimalist homes, making it both modern and timeless. A benefit of vinyl flooring is its ease of cleaning, especially important given the ability of light flooring to show imperfections and dirt easier.

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