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Black Vinyl Floor Tiles

If you want a sophisticated and modern look in your home, a black floor is a fantastic choice. Although many believe black can darken a room, this is dependant on the amount of light in a room and what other colours the floor is paired with.

With white decor, a monochrome theme can be achieved, which gives the ultimate stylish and modern look to any room. It also creates an illusion of more space and a sense of depth. When paired with bold colours such as orange, green or blue, you have more opportunity to be creative and make a statement.

With an all black room, lots of natural light or heavy lighting from within the room can reduce the dark appearance. The latter especially aids the sophisticated, luxurious and relaxing feel.

On a wood effect floor, black is an unusual colour compared to on tiles for example. However, it does hide stains and dirt better, and give you something unique to work with.

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