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Chestnut Vinyl Floor Tiles

Chestnut is unique. It has a coarse and intriguing grain, which certainly helps achieve a rustic feel in a home. It works well in traditional or farmhouse looking kitchens with lots of wooden furniture and decor. This is because it was once commonplace in old homes, meaning a chestnut look should adds plenty of vintage and rich character to your room.

In appearance, it is light to medium brown, with streaks of cinnamon and sometimes even cream tones. These help hide smudges and stains, making it ideal for high traffic areas or busy and messy homes, for example those with pets or children. They also bring warmth in to a room and improve the atmosphere.

Vinyl is a perfect way to achieve these benefits without the high cost. Chestnut usually is expensive due to its resistance to swelling or shrinkage during a change of humidity, however vinyl can achieve both the appearance and advantages for a fraction of the price.

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5 Item(s)
Quickstep Livyn Balance Plus Vintage Chestnut Natural Vinyl Flooring - BACP40029
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Cavalio Conceptline Chestnut Oak Luxury Vinyl Flooring - 2mm Thick
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Karndean Art Select Reclaimed Chestnut Vinyl Flooring - EW21
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