Engineered Wood Flooring Advice

engineered wood flooring diagram

If you are seeking flooring that offers the natural beauty and comfort of real wood but you want to be safe in the knowledge that it will last for many years with no problems you have definitely come to the right place!

As well as looking and feeling like real wood flooring, engineered wood is able to be fitted in areas that are not recommended for solid wood, for example; in kitchens or conservatories, this is because engineered wood is much more resilient to changes in moisture and humidity. As a result of this all our engineered wood floors can also be laid above underfloor heating.

Our engineered flooring is crafted with a top layer of stunning solid wood veneer which is available in a variety of finishes just like solid wood. The under layer is made from softwood, plywood or HDF (high density fibreboard), all of which are incredibly strong and supportive to ensure that your beautiful flooring will not warp or shrink over time.