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Unfinished Solid Wood Flooring

Unfinished wood flooring is exactly what it says; wood flooring which has not had any finish applied to it. The wood is raw, and is typically treated after it has been installed in your home. This gives you the freedom of being able to choose your own finish.

Why Unfinished Wood Flooring?

Unfinished wood flooring is a great idea if you’re undecided on which treatment you want your new floor to have - it gives you the freedom to add your own finish during or after installation.

One of the best things about unfinished floors is that they allow you to stay truer to the wood flooring’s natural rustic qualities. Since they are sanded on site, unfinished floors tend to look less uniform – less mass-produced – than pre-finished ones. Site sanding is inevitably going to produce lots of minor variations in both the texture and the look of the floor's surfaces and edges. This means that unfinished floors often have a rugged farmhouse feel that's difficult to achieve with the pre-finished option.

What are the alternatives?

If you want a more rustic look, but don’t want the additional effort of adding a finish to your floor yourself, then we recommend that you take a look at the many hand-scraped options available.

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  1. Thorpe Canvas Solid Oak Herringbone Thorpe Canvas Solid Oak Herringbone
    Width: 90mm
    Thickness: 18mm
    Length: 400mm
    Thorpe Canvas Solid Oak Herringbone
    Only was
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