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Dark Laminate Flooring

Dark floors can help to create a sophisticated and traditional look but can also be used for a contemporary feel too. Darker floors have seen an increase in popularity recently as they offer a sleek and contemporary look that follows the rustic and vintage theme that is currently on trend.

Dark laminate floors are incredibly in fashion right now, offering a warmer toned and contemporary look. A dark laminate that is rich in colour can add some great depth to a room and create a cosy atmosphere. If you're worried about your room becoming too dark with a darker laminate, try pairing it with pale or white walls so the create a stunning sense of dimension. Darker laminates also lend themselves to stain prevention, as spillages are less likely to damage the product long-term.

Darker laminates work well in rooms such as lounges or living rooms as they can emphasise that calm atmosphere that can help to relax while retaining a beautiful finish. Dark laminates also look incredible when paired with other colour woods to create a truly natural look in your home, an added tip, dark laminates work well with greens and whites for that added chic look.

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