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Dark Laminate Flooring

Whether you are searching for a traditional or contemporary look, a sophisticated dark laminate floor can provide just what you need. Dark flooring has increased in popularity in recent years, following the vintage theme that many are now incorporating into their homes. For a sleek and trendy look, these floors could provide just what you need, with the added practicality of laminate.

Practically, dark flooring can better hide spillages and dirt buildup for those with high footfall, children or pets – or even for those who don’t like to clean that much! With laminate however, staining is much less likely to occur than on wood for example, so you can rest assured that these flooring options will do just fine in your kitchen or bathroom. Living rooms also benefit form dark laminate flooring, but more on the interior design side. For example, pairing this flooring with plants and woods of lighter tones can emphasise a calming natural theme in your living room, helping you relax and socialise with greater comfort.

Dark flooring is rich in character and depth, and creates a warm, homely atmosphere. For those who like their creature comforts, the flooring can serve as a base to be paired with candles, cushions and dimmed lighting for the ultimate cosy effect. This will also offset the effect of darker flooring making a room appear small - if accessorised right, it will feel cosy instead of cramped. Larger rooms however can be reduced in size with darker laminate flooring, as they bounce the light around less than lighter alternatives. You can also use white walls or light greens if you don’t want this effect to be too prominent and wish for the flooring or your décor to stand out.

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