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Oiled Parquet Wood Flooring

An oiled floor is perfect for enhancing the natural beauty and durability of wood. Why not buy one of our oiled parquet floors for an attractive vintage look that can last a lifetime?

Oil is highly popular as a finish option. It seeps into the grain and grooves within the wood in order to harden the wood fibres, which enhances durability. This is also what gives oiled wood its enhanced appearance. Over time, if the floor is properly maintained, this enhancement continues, giving it a long life as a feature in your home.

The enhanced wood look helps attain a rustic or homely 'cottage' style look in any room. For anybody that is looking for a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, this floor will really help this effect. Any type of wood can be oiled too, so please browse our collection to find out which is ideal for you.

One benefit of oiled flooring is that is does not require sanding before repairs are undertaken, meaning less mess and disruption in your home. Another benefit is the option to apply the oil yourself to an unfinished floor, which can be found  here, and ideal for those who like DIY.

Board cracking that naturally occurs with wood flooring is reduced by oiling - the oil becomes part of the board fibres and moves with them. This helps the wood last through all weathers, making the floor excellent value for money over time.

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8 Item(s)
Painswick Ghoul Oak 150 X 600 X 14/3mm
Customer Reviews (10)
Painswick Garden Oak 80 x 350 x 20/6mm
Customer Reviews (24)
Painswick Pyramid Oak 70 x 350 x 11/4mm
Customer Reviews (14)
Painswick Swift Oak 125 x 500 x 15/4mm
Customer Reviews (15)
Painswick Paradise Oak 80 x 300 x 10/3mm
Customer Reviews (6)
70mm x 350mm Invisible Oiled Solid Oak Parquet Wood Flooring Blocks, 18mm Thick
Customer Reviews (22)
70mm x 280mm Smoked and Oiled Solid Oak Parquet Wood Flooring Blocks, 18mm Thick
Customer Reviews (26)
90mm x 600mm Double Smoked & UV Oiled Chevron Engineered Oak Wood Flooring, 18/4mm Thick
Customer Reviews (2)