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Parquet Vinyl Floor Tiles

Parquet – meaning ‘pattern’ – originates from late 17th century France, and consists of a series of individual wooden blocks that form a full floor. The vinyl alternative however, retains the look without the expense of real wood, and with the many comfort based benefits of vinyl. There are various types of pattern available, and many design benefits to having parquet flooring, meaning it will suit most homes.

Parquet flooring was originally invented to replace marble that required regular cleaning and caused rotting under the floor, and for that reason was quite expensive. This created a luxurious and charming quality that to this day is still associated with it. Although the cost has now decreased, many people prefer vinyl for its ability to add warmth, cushioning, and much easier cleaning to their floor, whilst retaining the classy appearance of parquet blocks. The style also allows you to create a luxury vintage style in your home and work with antique décor easily.

The most popular patterns are herringbone, chevron, versailles and basketweave – the descriptions on each of our items will specify which they are, so you can easily identify which style you prefer. All of these patterns are available in different shades, so you will not struggle to find a floor that suits your needs.

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