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1 Strip ( Single Plank) Engineered Wood Flooring

1 strip (single plank) engineered wood flooring is one of the most popular types of engineered wood. The top layer of real wood (whether it be oak, larch, or any other type of wood) is made from a single strip of wood from the tree, rather than multiple strips bonded together to create greater width. The result can be called either ‘1 strip’ or ‘single plank’; the terms are interchangeable, referring to the same overall effect.

With 1 strip flooring, regardless of the width of floor you choose, the entire length will comprise of just a single plank of wood. For example, if you chose 8 inch wide flooring, the single plank of wood would measure 8 inches. With 2 strip flooring, on the other hand, there would be two distinct 4 inch planks. 1 strip flooring tends to be quite wide, making it the ideal choice for small spaces as wide boards help to create a more airy and spacious atmosphere.

One of the biggest advantages of 1 strip engineered wood flooring is that the effect is very natural. You get the grain pattern, you get the randomly placed knots, and you get the raw, rugged features of the tree. Even though it’s engineered for strength and structure, there’s nothing engineered about the look of the plank. In fact, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between single plank flooring and solid wood, especially when choosing a thicker board that feels luxurious underfoot.

1 strip engineered wood flooring gives you a lot of control over the finished appearance of the floor, thanks to the different options available. This type of flooring is available with either bevelled or square edges, for example. Bevelled looks amazing with single plank flooring, because it gives each individual board its own definition, providing the personality and character of solid wood flooring.

However, there are many advantages to choosing square edges, too. Square edges help each board to ‘run’ into the next, creating less of a rustic parquet feel and more of a smooth, tidy, streamlined look, which can improve the ‘flow’ of the home. Technically, both options are as strong and sturdy as the other, so it all comes down to a matter of taste, and how you want your flooring to look in your own home.

There’s also a wide range of woods, finishes, and sizes of single strip flooring. Single plank flooring tends not to come in as many width varieties as 3 strip flooring, because of the limitations with the natural width of the timber, but that’s often a sacrifice many are willing to make for the beauty of 1 strip flooring. There are still many options, however, which suit many different types of indoor space. Is there any downside to 1 strip engineered wood flooring? Not really. The only aspect that is worth taking into consideration is that, because the width can sometimes be narrower than 3 plank flooring, it may take a little longer to install. Luckily, this isn’t a big issue as 1 strip flooring is often cut with a ‘tongue and groove’ or, more recently a ‘click’ system, that makes it quick and easy to lay.

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