Luxury Vinyl Tiles - Flooring Advice

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Are you looking for luxury, stylish flooring that also boasts fabulous practical results which will last? Our luxury vinyl tiles are just that and are available in a wide variety of designs, patterns and colours so rest assured, you will find the perfect one to match your needs.

LVT flooring is a relatively new concept and is manufactured from PVC, this gives it the name of being the toughest flooring type available; means it is waterproof, offers heat and sound insulation to your home and is also able to be used with under floor heating. I'm sure you will agree; this is an excellent addition to the flooring world!

LVT's are created with a strong stabilising back layer, a photographic layer which remarkably replicates natural flooring materials and a tough scratch resistant top layer. The fact that they are tile sizes makes fitting very easy and gives you total freedom over your floor design; some of our customers mix different tile styles together or use feature strips for a realistic grouting effect, this gives you the control to make your floor as unique as you please.