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Distressed Engineered Wood Flooring

Distressed engineered wood flooring is a gorgeous rustic option that leaves you with a classic old world feel. Distressed wood takes advantage of the knots, blemishes, colour variation and even cracks that wood floorboards acquire naturally, and that are often painted over in the stain and finishing process for more typical wood flooring. Instead of artificially sanding away, painting over or filling in these "imperfections", distressed wood highlights them as part of the wood floor’s natural character.

For that reason, those looking to put a new wood floor in an old house or a country cottage may be interested in a distressed wood floor.

Distressed wood is also among the most cost effective ways to get an authentic "worn" look from real wood flooring in your home. Alternatives can be a good deal more expensive because they require extensive labour.

For example, "reclaimed" wood, a process in which wood is harvested from existing old homes and repurposed, requires much more time and effort. You will have to pay for the man hours needed for someone to carefully remove the reclaimed flooring without damaging it, before sorting and refitting the wood. Additionally, reclaimed wood is unsuitable for homes that have heated flooring, which is increasingly the norm in modern Britain.

In years past, this was one of the only options for those who wanted an older looking wood. Another possibility was to have a professional craftsperson sculpt and distress the new wood flooring by hand. Both of these methods are extremely expensive and time consuming.

However, with distressed engineered wood flooring, your floorboards will have been distressed by the manufacturer, which makes the whole process a good deal less costly in terms of both time and money. So, distressed engineered wood flooring is becoming more and more popular for those looking for a wood flooring option with a truly rustic feel. More shades and finish options are coming on the market all the time.

In this format, the top layer consists of a good, sturdy hardwood, chosen for its authentic charms – rugged knots, intricate grains and aesthetically pleasing cracks. This top layer is attached to several tightly compacted base layers of plywood, which gives the floorboards extra strength and stability.

This means that your wood floors will be durable; they will also resist the shrinkage and swelling that can affect some woods when there are changes in humidity and temperature. That said, as with any wood flooring, you will still need to take care to protect your floors. Major changes in the climate can be damaging. So be sure to keep the air conditioning on during the hottest summer months, and to humidify at times when it gets especially dry, for example in the winter.

Additionally, your distressed wood needs a quality finish to protect it from the eventual wear and tear that all floors are subject to over time. As long as you take the proper precautions, your distressed engineered wood floors will last a very long time.

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