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Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

Oiled engineered wood flooring is an excellent choice for those wanting a hardwearing wood floor, carefully designed to be sturdy and stable, but with the classic natural look and character of oiled solid wood. Engineered wood floorboards have been crafted to avoid some of the problems that can occur with solid wood: namely, the warping and shrinkage that can come from changes in temperature and humidity.

Solid wood flooring is sensitive to these changes, so when a room gets particularly hot in the summer, or dry in the winter, the boards might curl up a bit at the edges or contract, so that gaps form between them.

Engineered wood flooring, however, resists these transformations. While the boards have a solid wood surface that makes them indistinguishable from more traditional wood flooring material, their core is made of expertly designed fused layers of plywood and fibre that are harder and more stable than a single block of solid wood.

That said, any time you invest in quality wood flooring, it is a good idea to expose the material to the climate of the installation site before installing it. We recommend leaving the boards for 3-5 days on site before putting them in. This will give them a chance to settle into the specific humidity and temperature conditions of the space.

In general, you have three options when it comes to engineered wood flooring – multi ply, three ply and high-density fibreboard (HDF) – each of which refers to a different design when it comes to the wood flooring’s core layer.

Multi ply’s core layer is constructed from between 4-12 fused layers of hard plywood, making it extra strong. Three ply is similar to multi ply, however the board is only constructed from 3 separate layers consisting of a hardwood surface layer, a core layer of plywood and supported by a bottom layer of plywood. Multi ply is a bit more expensive than three ply, as you pay a premium for the extra strength.

HDF is another category entirely and consists of multiple fused layers of fibreboard. This one is especially geared towards industrial use as it is designed to withstand frequent surface impacts.

Some people may be inclined to think that all the design that goes into engineered boards makes them rather artificial, but oiled engineered wood flooring has the feel of authentic solid wood. The solid wood surface is 100 per cent natural, and the oiled finish is designed to bring out its true character and charm.

Unlike lacquer finishes, which form a shiny protective layer on top of wood flooring, oil finishes seep into the wood and leave the surface with all the charm of raw wood.

This means that, while the finish does an excellent job of protecting the wood, it also preserves the qualities that make a wood floor worth the investment: the texture of knots and ridges, the intricacy of the grain, and the feel of the boards under your feet.

So if you are looking for stable and durable wood flooring that also appeals to a rustic sensibility, oiled engineered wood flooring is the way to go.

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