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Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring

Chevron engineered wood flooring is a modern take on a classic European pattern. During the 16th century, the parquet design saw an increase in popularity amongst the French upper classes, becoming a desired feature in grand chateaus and stately homes. With elegant symmetry, it’s no surprise that chevron is still considered a sophisticated choice. The characteristic ‘V’ of this pattern is elevated to new heights with engineered flooring. Alongside boasting a timeless look and feel, your engineered boards will prove extremely durable, and look indistinguishable from solid wood.

The Benefits

Although chevron floors deliver stunning visual effects, they are notoriously tricky to install using traditional methods. Relying on small rectangular blocks to create the iconic ‘V’ shape, fitting is both labour intensive and costly. Thankfully, engineered wood flooring solves this problem. Each plank comes with the chevron pattern pre-fitted, so you don’t have to lay each individual block! Once laid, engineered boards look identical to their solid wood counterparts, so you can rest assured that the look and feel of your flooring will go uncompromised. Another advantage of the chevron design is its aesthetic versatility. Whilst it’s not usually recommended to use narrow boards in small spaces, this parquet design is an exception to the rule. The famous pattern creates an optical illusion, making narrow spaces appear wider, and short rooms seem longer.

The Choice

Parquet flooring is a perfect match for deep textures and intricate grains. As a result, our chevron engineered wood flooring is fitted with a solid oak wear layer. With this classic species of wood, you can bring the affluent look of France into your home, impressing every guest that steps through the door!

All of our engineered flooring is available in a choice of finish, shade, and thickness, so you can find a product that suits your every need. In addition to an extensive collection of flooring, our range of accessories will keep your floor looking shiny and new, whatever the occasion!

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