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Wood Plank Laminate Flooring

Wood plank laminate is the best possible alternative to solid wood for that genuine and stunning look. Wood plank laminate flooring replicates that same great look of solid wood floor, but offers many other benefits and a cheaper price when compared to the real thing.

Laminate flooring is an incredible choice for a floor that offers both an amazing look coupled with an incredible functional ability. The protective wear layer protects the laminate from scratches and stains but should the odd stain occur, the waterproof nature of laminate floor makes it considerably easier to clean compared to other flooring types. Again, because of its plastic base, laminate flooring is softer on foot making it a warmer and more comfortable material for your home. Laminate flooring is also extremely easy to install using the click system, meaning any DIY fan should be able to take on the job.

A wood plank laminate floor is a great choice is you want that high-end look without the extra hassle. Looking at the bigger picture, wood plank laminates offer you a smaller price tag, water resistance, compatibility with underfloor heating and a quicker and easier installation method all while retaining that gorgeous look of a solid wood floor.

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