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Brushed and Oiled Parquet Flooring

If you desire a rustic and natural feel to your floors, brushed and oiled is the way to go. A brushed finish is produced by a wire brush going over the surface of the wood to remove soft grains and give the top surface a texture. Oiling on the other hand allows the grain to be enhanced by oil seeping into any grooves and cracks. The combination of these gives an effect of an authentic and traditional distressed, textured appearance.

After brushing and oiling, a floor's natural look is enhanced, giving it a homely appeal that provides a warm atmosphere in any room. It is different to those that have been brushed and lacquered in that the shine of this method is not present, enhancing the natural look further.

The brushing of the floor causes texture that is beneficial in hiding scratches and damage to the floor, which means it has greater longevity thus value for money. This will also be helpful for those who live in busy households with plenty of footfall or with clumsy children!

The added texture through this finish also helps add grip to the surface, making it more versatile for rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms where spillages are common, or again for those with children whose safety you are concerned about.

On parquet flooring, the brushing and oiling method looks authentically vintage, helping create a warm rustic image in your home. It is also easier to replace individual blocks rather than entire floors like other types of flooring may require after damage.

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8 Item(s)
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