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Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, reinforce your kitchen, or make your living space child and pet friendly, waterproof vinyl flooring is an unrivalled solution. Utilising contemporary flooring technologies and precise craftsmanship, each tile proves resistant to heat, moisture, and heavy footfall in any interior scenario, promising high performance throughout the entirety if its lifespan. With vinyl flooring, you’re guaranteed to receiver innovative design alongside outstanding practicality. Our collection of LVT replicates the intricate details of natural materials in hyper realistic detail. As a result, your home will boast all the charm and charisma of real wood and stone, with the added benefit of low maintenance and reduced costs.

The Benefits

Our waterproof vinyl flooring utilises a unique PVC composition to deliver a perfect balance of functionality and every-day versatility. Whether installed in bathrooms, conservatories, or over underfloor heating, LVT requires minimal subfloor prep, reducing costs, labour, and materials at every stage of fitting. Additionally, each tile is attached with a scratch proof surface layer for heightened wear resistance, and will prevent slippages under any kind of footwear. Our waterproof vinyl flooring also helps to reduce energy costs, providing thermal and acoustic insulation once installed.

The Choice

We know that when choosing new flooring, it’s so important to have the best pick of high quality products. That’s why our collection of waterproof vinyl flooring gives you unlimited freedom of choice, allowing you to choose between a wide array of bespoke wood, stone, and abstract tile effects.

For even more customisation, we offer a variety of shades, styles, and tile dimensions, so you can meet your needs with ease and accuracy. Don’t forget to check out our exceptional range of LVT accessories, and get a head start on your renovation today!

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