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Invisible Oiled Parquet Flooring

Invisible oiled flooring is that that has been oiled but doesn't look oiled. This is ideal for those who like the functional benefits of an oiled floor, but not the appearance.

An oiled floor normally enhances the features of the wood and makes the grain and grooves much more enhanced. However, these floors appear unfinished, protecting that authentic natural wood look people enjoy. The invisible oil will not change the shade of the wood like ordinary oil. The difference between these and unfinished wood is the benefits; as wood floors shrink and warp with seasonal changes in humidity, oil can help prevent cracks under these conditions. This helps longevity of your floor, making it excellent value for money!

Any kind of oil is a superior finish to lacquer, in that if your floor is damaged or scratched, you simply need to re-oil that part of the floor, as opposed to sanding and re-lacquering the entire thing. On parquet flooring, this is even more true due to its nature - blocks can be oiled individually. This means that an oiled floor has greater lifespan due to the limited sanding it calls for.

As parquet flooring comes in individual blocks, it is possible to use invisible oil of some, and ordinary oil or other finishes on others. This may help break up a room into sections, but you should consider oiling at home once the floor has been laid to personalise this and make sure it looks appropriate amongst your other decor.

There are multiple ways to install invisible oil parquet flooring, and these are listed in the specifications section for each of our products. There are also various types of wood, both engineered and solid wood that can be invisible oiled. Please browse our range to find the perfect choice for your home.

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