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Prime Grade Engineered Wood Flooring

Prime grade engineered wood flooring is made from wood that has been specially selected during the manufacturing process for its smooth, streamlined, and almost uniform appearance. Also called ‘Grade AB’ flooring, prime grade planks typically have no knots or other strong, noticeable, or defining features that draw the eye. This creates a very clean, tidy, and fresh feel which is ideal for many home spaces.

There are a number of wood grades available when choosing engineered wood, but prime is certainly one of the most popular. It comes at the opposite end of the scale to rustic grade wood, which, as the name suggests, is much more rustic in appearance. There are fewer criteria that wood must meet in order to be classified as ‘rustic’. Unlike prime, there are knots, there’s randomness, and there’s a rawness in rustic.

As well as prime grade and rustic grade, there are a few other options that each have their own advantages. Select grade can reasonably be described as a combination of prime grade and rustic grade, while classic grade (also sometimes known as ‘character’ grade), is varied, but tends to have milder variations than true rustic wood. Prime definitely is the ‘cleanest’ grade of wood flooring available.

While rustic grade wood works very well in traditionally-styled homes and in country kitchens, those who appreciate modern and contemporary design often prefer prime grade engineered wood flooring. Prime grade wood provides a more chic and elegant look with its minimal colour variations and largely consistent appearance. This uniformity makes the flooring a great alternative to floor tiles in the kitchen.

Although prime grade wood is consistent, it’s certainly not boring. In fact, as the boards are selected by eye, there is quite significant scope for mild variation, and each board will be unique in its own beauty. While there may not be as many noticeable deviations between the boards, there will still be character and personality in them. Prime grade wood is well-balanced, not methodic. It’s a science, not an art!

‘Prime’ refers only to the appearance of the surface layer of wood in engineered wood flooring, and not to its underlying qualities. These qualities are instead determined by the thickness of the overall board, and the thickness of the top layer of wood, which is often between 3mm and 6mm. As a general rule, thicker boards are more suited to areas of heavier foot traffic, as they can be refinished a greater number of times.

From single plank to chevron and herringbone patterns, there are lots of options to choose from when looking at prime grade engineered wood flooring. This kind of wood typically comes unfinished (it’s perfect just the way it is), but the lacquered look also works great on this type of flooring. Whatever you choose, you’ll find prime grade wood to be beautiful yet understated. It won’t distract from the rest of your home. This flooring will look breathtaking without becoming your home’s single defining feature.

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