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White Washed Oak Flooring & White Engineered Wood Flooring

White washed engineered wood flooring is a highly popular choice, loved for the natural character that it projects. The surface of our engineered wood flooring is thoroughly brushed, and then bathed in a gorgeous white stain, adding impeccable colour and detail to a highly sturdy and durable wood flooring product. The clean, modern look of the white washed surface is an ideal accompaniment to the state of the art design of engineered wood floors. If you are looking for a wood flooring that is both clean and contemporary, this is the perfect choice for you.

The Benefits

White washed engineered wood flooring is known for its versatility. The bespoke colour of the solid wood veneer can benefit many styles of room. In darker rooms, the white washed finish rebalances natural light, creating a brighter space. This style of engineered wood flooring also compliments lighter rooms, producing a luxurious, open effect. For this reason, white washed wood flooring is a favourite for smaller rooms, naturally bouncing the light and making the space appear bigger.

The Choice

The chic, unique characteristics of white washed wood flooring is ideally suited to the decorative flair of solid oak. As a result, our white washed engineered wood flooring is fitted with a solid oak wear layer, allowing you to get the best results from your desired finish.

We have a variety of styles, shades, and thicknesses available, so you can choose a wood flooring that works perfectly in your home. We also stock various accessories to match our range, and offer free samples so that you can see how our engineered white washed flooring will look with your existing home furnishings.

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