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White Washed Oak Flooring & White Engineered Wood Flooring

White washed engineered wood flooring is a highly popular flooring choice, loved for the natural character that it projects. The surface of this type of flooring has been thoroughly brushed and then bathed in a gorgeous white stain. This tends to brighten everything up, making it an option that works especially well in dark rooms. But that's not to say it can’t also be used in rooms that get lots of light. In fact, it looks spectacular in open-space offices with big windows.

The clean, modern look of the white washed surface complements the state of the art design of the engineered board. Engineered flooring has been designed by the experts of the flooring world for stability and durability. In general there are three options, each of which has a different kind of core fused to a surface of beautiful, natural hard wood.

A multi ply core means that under the solid wood surface layer there are between 4-12 layers of fused plywood. This is one of the strongest designs in the engineered flooring category.

Three ply is similar to multi ply, however the board is only constructed from 3 separate layers of a hardwood surface layer, a core layer of plywood and supported by a bottom layer of plywood. This makes the price tag of three-ply wood flooring a good deal and more enticing than that of multi ply engineered wood, which can be expensive.

The final option is high density fibreboard (HDF), which consists of several fused layers of fibreboard. This type of core is extra strong and designed to stand repeated impacts. It’s a good option for those spaces, like industrial areas or gyms, where heavy objects are likely to be dropped regularly.

Beyond the core, another variable you will need to think about when choosing engineered wood flooring is the thickness of the lamella, or the solid wood surface layer above the core. Also known as a wear layer, the lamella can range in thickness from 2mm to 6mm.

A thicker lamella can, of course, be sanded down for refinishing more times than a thin one. For example, a 6mm wear layer can be sanded down up to 7 times over the course of its life, which means it can last about as long as a regular solid wood board. A 2mm wear layer, by contrast, will need to be replaced after about 3 sandings.

Regardless of the lamella’s thickness, engineered flooring generally does not need a first sanding for the initial 15-20 years of its life. After the initial refinishing, it will generally need an additional treatment every decade or so.

If your'e thinking about investing in white washed engineered wood flooring, here at Luxury Flooring and Furnishings, we stock a wide variety of accessories to match our range. We also offer free samples, so that you can see how our engineered white washed flooring will look with your existing home furnishings.

In fact, we advise all customers to request a free sample before purchasing enough flooring to fill a room. That way, you can get a feel for just how beautiful our products are, and how well they'll suit your room. We’re confident that once you see what our floors are like, you’ll go ahead with your home improvement project.

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