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Bathroom Laminate Flooring

Bathrooms are unsuitable for solid and engineered wood flooring as the natural material can warp and shrink in such conditions. Laminate flooring however will not suffer from this. This is because it is water resistant and splashes on the surface will not cause damage. It is recommended however that splashes and spillages are cleaned up as soon as they occur so water does not seep between cracks between planks to affect the less resistant plywood layers below the surface. The plywood should be protected from moisture as much as possible in a bathroom in order to last as long as possible. If fitted correctly, tightly and with adhesive, no gaps should be present, and your laminate flooring will last in your bathroom for many years to come. We also recommend using bathmats and opening windows while you shower to reduce moisture and humidity.

If you would prefer totally waterproof laminate flooring, modern technology has fortunately allowed this to be a possibility. You can see our waterproof ranges here.

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