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Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Herringbone parquet flooring is that which is patterned alternately to give a diagonal 'zig-zag' appearance. Darker shades are typically found in vintage homes, but lighter shades suit modern decors too. Please take a look at our range to find which would work for you.

Many confuse this flooring with chevron, but herringbone floors meet differently at the end of the individual blocks. They are placed more alternately rather than aligned, which you can see by look at our chevron parquet floors  here. Herringbone is almost exclusively parquet style, as the look is best created through placement of individual blocks, although there are non-parquet alternatives. Parquet makes the floor easier to clean, and it is easier to replace damaged or scratched blocks rather than the entire floor.

Due to the 17th century associations, a herringbone look creates a feel of genuine vintage luxury. It has recently become popular once again in the interior design world, showing that this style never goes out of fashion! It is highly customisable too, due to the ability to arrange each block how you wish - so if you desire a touch of personality in your home, herringbone is ideal. It is also easy to install by yourself for those that enjoy a bit of DIY!

We stock a number of different wood species of Herringbone parquet flooring, so please browse through all of them to find the correct look in terms of grain, grooves and shade.

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