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Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring

For those who are having trouble finding wood flooring that’s perfect for their home, unfinished engineered wood flooring is ideal for you. Although our unfinished engineered floors take a little more work, the opportunities for customisation are the best available. Whether applying lacquer or oil to the raw hardwood wear layer, you will be able to achieve a bespoke look with a wood flooring that’s engineered with stability and durability in mind. Unfinished engineered wood flooring leaves the ball in your court, allowing you to get the best results from your purchase.

The Benefits

With added customisability, unfinished engineered wood flooring is a perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts, allowing you to get hands on whilst knowing you are receiving a high-quality hardwood product. Unfinished engineered wood floors are especially beneficial for those working on a budget. As it’s required that you finish your wood flooring once it’s been laid, our unfinished engineered wood floors come with a smaller price-tag than other solid and engineered wood alternatives. Additionally, applying your desired finish at home provides extra protection to the joints between the planks, so you can rest assured that any spillages are easy to rectify.

The Choice

Whatever your preference, choosing unfinished engineered wood flooring is going to give you a lot of options. Far from being limited to the stain and finish combinations we have on supply, you can choose any match that best suits you.

Like most of our floors, unfinished engineered wood flooring is available in a variety of styles, shades, and widths, giving you the opportunity to design and customise a wood floor that is exactly right for you. We also offer a range of oils and lacquers, so you can get to work on your unfinished wood flooring right away.

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