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Hand Scraped Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

Hand Scraped Flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years due to many people wanting a distressed, warn feel and look to their flooring. In the past the hand scraped finish was only achievable by actually sculpting the surface of the wood by hand making it hugely expensive and labour intensive.

In recent times it has become a lot cheaper to produce the Hand Scraped Engineered Flooring with the introduction of machining and pre finishing the flooring on a large scale appose to on site, this cuts down labour costs when fitting. With this in mind it is easy to see why the hand scraped finish is becoming so popular, it is now available to everyone wanting to transform their room and giving it the distressed look.

The hand distressed finish is only applied to the top hardwood wear layer of the engineered wood flooring. Just like any other engineered flooring you still have the many tightly compacted layers of ply underneath, giving excellent strength and stability. Dependent on the thickness of the wear layer you will have the ability to sand down and re-finish up to 7 times, retaining the hand carved flooring finish.

One of the biggest advantages of Hand Distressed Flooring is if the surface was ever to scratch it would not be as noticeable as with a smooth lacquered product. This is due to the way the light falls on the surface of the flooring, with a smooth lacquered finish the floor reflects all the light off the surface evenly so when a scratch occurs it is easily visible. The difference with hand scraped is the light reflects at many different angles so a scratch is a whole lot less visible. 

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