Prime Parquet Flooring

Prime wood is flooring that has no noticeable knots or other strong features that would catch the eye and make any block stand out. It is ideal if you want a wood floor that doesn’t allow its natural blemishes to get in the way.

During the manufacturing process, specific planks are selected based on their smooth and consistent appearance that enables a sense of seamlessness. It helps make the room look cleaner, tidier and more fresh, which is ideal for those who do not particularly like the rustic look or like to impress guests.

Light versions of this flooring are more common, and look good in conservatories or other light rooms. They also come in herringbone and chevron patterns, due to being parquet, and so can create a sophisticated a luxurious atmosphere. This is further improved by the lack of blemishes, meaning your home will impress anybody who steps foot in it.

Many think prime wood takes away from the natural look of wood, but this is not true. Whilst unsightly knots are diminished, the personality of the wood is still there in the grain and groves that are left behind - just they are less outstanding. There is balance to the wood rather than complete elimination of all its properties.

Most of our prime parquet flooring is unfinished to ensure it still looks natural, however you may oil or lacquer it as you please. This will help have more control over the appearance of your home, and help better suit the floor to your room as this process can be undertaken after laying the floor. It is easier then to decide the appropriate finish and shade.

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2 Products