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Narrow Engineered Wood Flooring

Narrow engineered wood flooring boasts a highly durable structure whilst remaining at a fraction of the width of most wood floors. Constructed from several layers of compressed timber, engineered wood floors have unparalleled strength and stability. Finished with a surface layer of solid wood veneer, this modern flooring solution looks identical to traditional hardwood floors. Whilst narrow engineered wood flooring often has a shorter average plank length, this does not compromise the stunning textures and grains of the board. With this intricate and stately design, your living space will be transformed into a classic French chateau or country home!

The Benefits

Because of their reduced width, many homeowners worry that narrow wood flooring is less stable, and more susceptible to warping and shrinkages. This is why selecting an engineered wood for your narrow boards is an outstanding choice. The composition of narrow engineered wood flooring is built with durability in mind, making it as strong as other solid wood alternatives. From a visual standpoint, narrow engineered wood flooring also provides some fantastic effects. The narrow boards allow for more intricate and unique flooring designs, including herringbone and chevron patterns. In addition, the complex textures of engineered wood flooring bring proportion to larger spaces, making bigger rooms more warm and welcoming.

The Choice

Our narrow engineered wood flooring is available in solid oak, solid walnut and solid acacia. The decorative flair of oak, the streamlined feel of walnut, and the high contrast grains of acacia make the narrow boards a stunning piece of wood flooring. Although narrow wood floors are typically shorter, we offer them in a variety of random lengths, allowing you to get creative with your new wood flooring.

All species of our narrow engineered wood flooring are available in a wide range of finishes, styles, colours, and thicknesses. On top of that, we stock an excellent variety of accessories, so you really are spoilt for choice!

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