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Narrow Engineered Wood Flooring

Narrow engineered wood flooring is a type of flooring made from a real wood lamella, and a sturdy plywood structure underneath which helps to minimise movement. Each individual plank is cut during the engineering process to be quite narrow in terms of width, but may come in varying lengths to suit different spaces and different homes. Parquet is an excellent example of popular narrow wood flooring.

How narrow is ‘narrow’? There’s really no official guide, and instead it's rather subjective. However, narrow engineered wood flooring usually comes in widths below 140mm, with 120mm, 125mm and 130mm proving to be popular options. However, narrow flooring can sometimes be as narrow as 90mm or 97mm for engineered parquet, as this helps to ensure the patterns fit together.

Narrow floorboards are typically a little shorter than their wider counterparts, and often come in random lengths. This is all due to stability of the board. A very long, narrow board would not be particularly sturdy, and sturdiness is, of course, one of the biggest advantages of engineered wood flooring. This type of flooring can take a little longer to lay, but with the newer ‘click’ systems this isn’t really a big concern.

Despite the shorter boards which boost stability, some people may still be worried that narrow boards won’t be as sturdy. Engineered wood is very stable because of its strong plywood structure, but there are a few ways you can help to add a touch more strength. One of the best ways is to choose a thick underlay which will provide a little extra support, especially in areas of heavier foot traffic like hallways.

Whether you opt for a narrow or a wide board really all comes down to personal preference and requirements, but keep in mind that narrow boards tend to look a little more formal and ‘stately’, because they appear to be more intricate in their design. We only have to look at herringbone patterns and chevron patterns, which are often found in French châteaus and country houses, to see that.

A further consideration to take into account is the size of the room. Typically, narrow floor boards look more ‘at home’ in bigger spaces within a house because they help to bring proportion to the room. The busyness of the narrow flooring helps to make a large room feel more warm and welcoming, rather than appearing to be sparse and empty. Narrow boards may make smaller spaces appear more enclosed.

It’s also possible to use narrow engineered wood flooring to ‘play around’ with the scale of large rooms by combining these boards with wider planks in a sort of mix ‘n’ match design. Large rooms look great when one width of flooring is used within the centre of the space, with the other width used to create a border all the way around. Think outside the box – these types of flooring can be a little more flexible than you might believe!

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