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Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak laminate floors give the appearance of a solid oak wood floor with all of the added benefits of a laminate. Oak is the most traditional flooring type and is therefore available in a huge variety of shades and textures meaning you are guarantee to find your dream oak laminate floor that is perfect for your property. We offer free samples on all of our oak laminate collection, letting you try before you buy.

>Oak laminate floors are an amazing choice if you're looking for a floor that is easily incorporated in to any room. As previously mentioned, thanks to its versatility, oak has many different shades and textures to offer which makes it a sound choice for any property. Laminate floors have a protective wear layer which make it less likely to scratch and stain through the every day wear an tear of life. This durability makes it suitable for use in high traffic areas such at kitchens or hallways where there is heavy footfall.

Oak laminates offer you that incredible aesthetic that makes any home look stylish and modern but also offers a timeless look that never loses its appeal. Laminate floors are softer on foot, making it a more comfortable material choice for residential homes.

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