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Brushed & Lacquered Parquet Flooring

For a protected and modern finish that retains the beautiful appearance of a wood floor, choose brushed and lacquered. This means a process of brushing is undertaken, then a lacquer finish is applied.

Wood is 'brushed' when a wire brush goes over its surface to remove soft grains and give the wood a texture. The surface is stripped back to an older layer of wood, preserving its natural character and qualities. The lacquering process then allows a shiny protective layer to cover the wood, which improves appearance, particularly in rooms with plenty of natural light. It should be noted lacquered floors need less refinishing than oiled floors, so are more convenient in terms of maintenance and longevity. It can be decades before any sanding is required!

The lacquered finished is notable for its resistance against spillages and scratches. These will not damage the wood itself, which is protected by the lacquer, and makes for easier cleaning. The water resistance makes it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as desired too.

There is a classy look to this type of flooring - the warm and natural look from the brushing combined with the protection and shine of the lacquer helps give a modern twist to the vintage wood. There are three types of lacquer depending on how much shine you like; gloss, semi-gloss and matt. Take a look at all of our options to see which you prefer.

These kinds of floors work excellently in high traffic areas, hence you may recognise their use in gyms. They would be wonderful in busy homes or businesses that dont want to refurbish too often. Also consider using these floors in conservatories for example, as natural light reflecting off the floor gives the room a lovely warm and homely glow.

It puts off some people that when the floor does eventually need resounding, it is a large job that requires work on the entire floor. However, with parquet flooring, this can be completed one section at a time due to being separated into blocks.

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