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Light Laminate Flooring

Lighter laminates can help to add a vast amount of light to a room thanks to its paler shade. This can create a fresh and contemporary look that works in any room of any size, proving its versatility. A lighter floor also affords for an easier incorporation of colours and designs. A lighter laminate can act as more of a blank canvas that can keep the attention of feature pieces in the room whether that be furniture or art work. The lighter shades of laminate can be paired with every colour and look flawless, so whether you're redecorating a property or just looking to update your floor, lighter laminates could be your solution.

Lighter wood floors prove to be low maintenance by the fact that they typically show less dirt than a darker laminate, making it's gorgeous finish always look its best. A lighter laminate also tends to show less damage when scratched, perfect for pet owners, as the grain of the product is consistent throughout. However, it is always important to maintain your floor by re-coating or sanding down every couple of years as advised by each products individual specification.

Lighter floors proved themselves to be modern over recent years, appearing in the majority of modern homes thanks to the minimalist trend that is ever-increasing. By installing a light laminate floor your property will have a timeless look that will appeal to potential buyers if you're looking to sell on either in the imminent future of in a good few years time.

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