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Brushed and Oiled Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

Brushed & oiled engineered wood flooring is state of the art flooring designed for stability and durability, but with the look of natural solid wood boards. The brushed & oiled finish gives the effect of natural wood, while the engineered core of the boards reinforces them and protects them against the warping and shrinkage that solid wood can be vulnerable to.

Engineered flooring refers to boards that have been carefully constructed with a solid wood surface layer and fused plywood and/or fibre core layers. There are generally three options when it comes to the core layer of the boards: multi ply, three ply and high-density fibreboard (HDF).

A multi ply core means that under the solid wood surface layer there are between 4-12 layers of fused plywood. This is one of the strongest designs in the engineered flooring category.

Three ply is similar to multi ply, however the board is only constructed from 3 separate layers, consisting of a hardwood surface layer, a core layer of plywood and supported by a bottom layer of plywood. This makes the price tag of three-ply wood flooring a good deal and more enticing than that of multi ply engineered wood, which can be expensive.

The final option, HDF, is super strong. Made of multiple fused fibre wood layers, this design is great for those floors that might be at risk of repeated impacts, like those found in certain commercial and industrial buildings.

While engineered flooring is a manufactured material, the top solid wood layer makes it look completely natural. This is particularly the case with a brushed and oiled finish. Unlike lacquered finishes, which provide a shiny layer of protection on top of the wood floor, oiled finishes seep into the wood and provide protection throughout the board. You should keep in mind, however, that oil-finished boards do need to be re-finished more often than lacquered boards.

In addition to offering protection, this also means that the oiled solid wood layer is left with its natural wood texture, so your engineered floors will look and feel identical to a solid wood product.

The brushing process adds to this effect. Brushed and oiled engineered flooring have been treated with a wire brush before the oil finish is applied. This process removes any new growth and takes the surface back to the older wood, preserving its character and natural qualities.

So with brushed and oiled flooring you will get all the benefits of solid wood flooring, plus the stability of engineered wood. Because of its design, engineered wood is resistant to the changes that can occur in solid wood due to shifts in the climate of the room where they are installed. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause solid wood to buckle and shrink, but engineered wood copes well with these pressures.

Still, it’s a good idea to leave your boards for 3-5 days at the site of installation to acclimatise the planks before laying them. This will give them a chance to adjust fully to the new climate before they are installed.

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